Hello faithful readers 😉

I don’t post here very often. I decided to start fresh on a blog with a web address that actually made sense, and a new desire to actually blog.

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True friends

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Changing colors

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Downtown Portland, OR

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Sunday Setlists 10/11/09

Ooooh, dusting off the old blog. Here’s a short update:

1. Started school full time in September
2. Working part time (20-30 hours) in an office
3. Working part time for Lifehouse Church (10 hours)

I am BUSY!

Here’s our setlist from Lifehouse Church this morning:

1. I’ll Fly Away
2. All Creatures of Our God and King
3. God of Justice
4. Never Let Go
5. Unashamed
6. Nothing but the Blood

So- a little background: our church is 9 months old, averages about 60 in attendance and we meet in an elementary school in Portland, OR. We set-up and tear down our sound system every. single. sunday. We’ve come across our fair share of problems but today just takes the cake.

In the middle of All Creatures I noticed a little bit of feedback. It quickly grew and encompassed the ENTIRE room – so much so everyone stopped singing and playing and covered their ears. It shook the floor, it was SO loud. We didn’t have a ‘sound guy’ this week so it took about 20 seconds until someone could get over to the soundboard and fix it. After several seconds of silence the room just burst out laughing. Even me! I made a joke about “no one having permanent damage” and moved onto the next song. It turned out fine after that!

Have you ever had something that crazy happen in a service?

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists.

Seal Rocks, OR

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Five years

I’m writing this post on my iPhone in the Portland airport, waiting for our flight to Vancouver. From there we fly to Calgary, then to our final destination Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Five years ago Bryce and I were married. I say this all the time, but I still mean it whole heartedly: marrying Bryce was the best thing that ever happened to me.

So, here’s to many more!