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Garage Band

I’m wasting wisely using my time on my Saturday to get some songs uploaded to the internet.  Check out the songs page if you’d like, I hope it works.  Sometimes the internet is so frustrating!

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I’m going to make a shirt for myself that says:

“Underestimated Because of Gender”

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Using My Ear

I spent an hour yesterday listening and working out the the version of Holy, Holy, Holy that Sufjan Steven’s recorded on his Christmas album.  It’s beautiful.  The first time I heard it I knew I needed to learn it.   Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FpQuGRlNg8 .

So I spent the hour getting the chord progression, then I took it down a key.  I’m going to record a scratch track so I can layer the harmonies on and send it off to a friend who sings with me occasionally.  She has a great ear and a fantastic voice.

I think the end result will be fantastic- not a complete replica of Mr. Steven’s track but something equally as beautiful and creative.

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Sunday Recap

We had our service at Woodstock park this weekend.   It rained on us, but we stuck it out!  We had some barbecue, and people brought side dishes and desserts.   The worship time was very casual, we sat at picnic tables with printed off song sheets- I sat on a table with my guitar, trying to sheild it from the rain, and read off a sheet on the bench.  My paper flew away once, but a kind soul gave me theirs and put a waterbottle on it so it would stay put.  I wasn’t detered in my singing, or playing.

It was a little awkward, honestly, because of the rain.  It was a challenge for me to not rush through the set to get it overwith and get my guitar out of the rain, and to allow people to really focus on the Lord.

We have next week off.  We were encouraged to intentionally be in community with our fellow church members instead by getting out for a barbecue or something.   I haven’t really given that a thought yet.

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