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Sunday Setlist 9/28/08

Unchanging – Tomlin
For Who You Are – Hillsong
Here I Am to Worship – Hughes
Holy Holy Holy – Sufjan Stevens version

As a whole this week was a case to start having practices during the week. In hindsight I realize that I may have pushed to much musically- asking too much when we have a limited time for practice. I spent too much time teaching chords and harmonies, which really should be done before Sunday morning. Long-term I hope that I won’t have to do so much on the teaching level, but right now it’s what we’ve got.
I tried some new things this week (asking people to stand, power point instead of printed words) and, pairing that with the new version of Holy, Holy, Holy- it was a little awkward for the crowd I think. Everyone was expecting the old school version and here we go, changing the melody. When we sing it again, it’ll go much smoother- both with people being able to follow along with the melody, and musically with the band.
The first three songs were familiar for everyone, easy-peasy for the music and the harmonies blended very well. I especially liked the transition between Who You Are – Here I am to Worship- we did them both in the same key and hung on the IV chord to transition between the lyric “I will worship You for who You are, Jesus” to “Here I am to Worship..” Nice.

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I missed church last week, and will again this week.  Last week was my anniversary (4 years, woo!) and we went out to the coast, and next week we are going to a Seahawks game in Seattle.   Ironically enough, I’ve been more busy getting other people ready to lead worship then I am on the normal weeks I lead.   I’ve also been asked to play a women’s retreat for another church a weekend in October, which I’ll probably do.  So much to plan for!  Not to mention the mass amounts of emails I send and receive.

The iPhone is a blessing and a curse- email at my fingertips.. but then again I get my emails at all hours of the day and night.  And I have a hard time putting it down and taking a break from it all.

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Thoughts are stewing over here in my brain. I have a lot of work to do today for both my day job and church stuff, but I am distracted. I’ve thought about:

-My dog, and if she’s destroying something while I’m away
-What songs I would sound awesome doing Karaoke
-Four-part harmonies in modern worship tunes
-How I look (more than once, ha)
-What I ate, what I’m going to eat and how many calories in these things
-Hating 24 fitness sales tactics

I’m not going to say I have adult ADD but I am seriously scatterbrained today.

Riddle me this: How do you keep focused?

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One thing that I am fairly new at is songwriting.  I usually get as far as a rough draft, then get skeered and file it away.  Today I was reading Psalm 69 and was inspired by the text and came up with this.
Click on “Have Mercy Draft”

Pro’s- Fun chords, modulation, love the minor key
Con’s- Lyrics of the chorus aren’t quite right.

I want to edit the song, can you help?

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