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Sunday Setlist 12/28/08

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Finally, I get to post a set-list. Due to our Snowpocalypse here in Portland, we canceled church the last two Sundays. We had a Christmas Eve service, and this last Sunday I co-lead lead worship with my friend Travis at the church plant’s sending church, for all three services.

This is my first time trying to use an itunes link.

1. Go Tell It On the Mountain – E We did this with a bounce/hip-hop feel.

2. Holy is The Lord (Tomlin) – E I led this with the pretty standard arrangement.

3. More than Enough (Gary Oliver) – Bb minor Link: Gary Oliver - More Than Enough - More Than Enough We totally killed the four part harmonies on this one.

4. Rescue (Anderson) – D I led out on the verses and Travis took over for the chorus.

5. How Great is Our God (Tomlin, etc) – A We did this in the standard arrangement. The piano player, who I just met Sunday, led out the second verse. She sounded fantastic!

6. Cannons (Wickham) – D – Played this one a lot more rocked out than on either recorded version I’ve heard. Also, this is the perfect key for me to sing in on this one. Right in my “money” range.

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In case you were wondering why the heck I haven’t updated this blog in about two weeks – the reasons are two-fold:

1. Church has been canceled due to inclement weather the last two Sundays. I’m not sure if I remember how to play music anymore.
2. I’ve been homebound due to the Portland Snowpocalypse (great name, whoever thought that up). Over a foot in our backyard as of this morning. It seems that when I have nothing to do, I do nothing productive. I can barely lift myself off the couch to make a decent meal.

Bryce and I did make it out of the house yesterday – first to check out the neighborhood and watch kids (and adults) sledding at the park. Most everyone was using garbage can lids and boxes. It was quite hilarious. Last night we walked up to Tom’s Pizza, which was closed. The only place open was a second-rate dive bar, but let me tell you, we were desperate.

While we were searching Lombard for anything open, we witnessed a car slide into a two foot pile of snow on the side of the street. The unchained, 80’s sedan was immediately stuck. A police car drove by and stopped to offer assistance. Unfortunately the cop asked the driver for license and insurance, but the driver had neither. Oops. The car got towed.

We’re stuck at home again, neither Bryce or I have a job to go to today. Plans include Videorama, Fred Meyers, and I’m about to make some serious breakfast sandwiches. And more coffee.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. It snowed 3″ last night, and still, it’s snowing more.

Margot hates it.

Bryce at Kenton Park

Ice on our tree

Lots of snow

I am freezing

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10 Positive Things

So, I admit it, I have an issue with negativity. And with all this terrible economic news all over the place I tend to get into a funk- snipping at Bryce, general gloom and doom thoughts, etc.

So, today, I am compiling a list of 10 things I really love:

1. Making music with people.
2. Sleeping in on a Saturday.
3. Playing with my dog at the dog park.
4. Hanging out in my freshly cleaned house.
5. Saturday morning breakfasts with Bryce
6. My friends, old and new.
7. Watching Blazer games and Red Sox games with other crazy fans.
8. Cooking something incredible, and then eating it.
9. Reading a really good book.
10. Karaoke!

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Thanks inProgress! I love any chance I can get to gripe. Here are 10 things I don’t enjoy:

1. Being late. Myself, or others.
2. Getting stuck behind someone going 10 miles under the speed limit.
3. Last minute changes to my schedule. I don’t deal well with on-the-fly situations. I’m boring like that.
4. Anytime I go to a breakfast potluck/function, everything has eggs in it. I know it’s not anyone’s fault I am allergic to eggs but it’s no fun eating bananas when everyone else is feasting.
5. Dishes, laundry, and all housework in general. I hate living in a dirty house, so I do it, but I complain the whole time. Just ask Bryce, he’ll tell you it’s true.
6. Taking things personally – I do it ALL THE TIME. Silly things, big things, I take it all personally. I wish I didn’t, and I’m working on it, but it stinks.
7. The fact I can’t get our PS3 to connect to the internet. Wired, wireless- I can’t get it to work.
8. Dieting.
9. Being cold.
10. And finally, people who complain. Ha!

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists! Check it out!

Today we had out newest member of the worship team join us. I was really excited for this morning, I knew that he was a good guitar player and piano player- both of which we need. This morning we had myself leading and on acoustic, him singing harmonies and playing acoustic, and a percussion player. I brought out some arrangements of songs I haven’t introduced yet, and they sounded extra special with the added lead/finger picking/alt chords. It added a huge new dimension to our sound and I had a ton of people commenting to me about it after the service.

I’ve decided we are going to start having weekly practices after the new year. There are so many little things that we could do better if we had more time to work through songs. Right now the sound is good- but with the added practice and community building I know we will more towards sounding excellent. The one big roadblock is that we are a mobile church- we rent out an elementary school for Sunday mornings. I’m not sure where we could have a regular meeting place. Anyone in this kind of situation have any advice?

1. O Come All Ye Faithful – D We played this as an upbeat opener song today in 4/4. I heard this on the radio yesterday in 6/8 and kept starting it in the wrong time signature all day yesterday. Let me tell you I was very conscious of that this morning.

2. Your Love Oh Lord – D I haven’t led this song in… three or four years?

3. Here I am to Worship – E Totally changed up the arrangement on this one, which made the difference this morning. I played it all in the open chords up on the neck for the verses- not the chords you learn when you can’t play barre chords yet, but those funky ones, you know? Hard to explain! We used the vi chord in place of the I in the chorus which made it feel very dramatic. And awesome.

4. Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone – C We had a time of communion at the end today, and this song fit perfectly. However, this is where the weekly practices could have seriously helped- the communication was a bit off between the other guitar player and I. I don’t even know if anyone else noticed, but it was obvious in the dynamics of the song that we had
just ran through it that morning.

Advent Candle

5. What Child is This? – Dm I just LOVE carols! This one was so much fun to play.

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I’ve finally admitted to myself, and the world, that I am full of Christmas spirit. My husband however, is appalled by this fact, telling me (as I unpacked a bag of cinnamon pine cones) :

“You tricked me! If I would have known this five years ago, I never would have married you!”

Of course, he was joking. But he is very confused at the constant playing of Christmas music, decorations, and just general seasonal happiness I am radiating. I think he’s worried that I’m turning into my grandmother- literally she has THREE trees every year exploding with ornaments, a huge little town on cotton snow, mulitple nativity scenes, a four foot santa statue, and a ton more little trinkets dating back to the 1960s. It’s insane.

Here’s what I’ve got up so far- well within the realm of acceptability, right?

dog and tree

I am trying assure him that I still have some sense of taste left. He’s trying to deter me from hanging lights on our house, but I am going to sneak them on when he’s gone this evening. He he he. Or, I mean, Ho ho ho!

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