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Song 4 of 24

I’m finally caught up on my 2 songs a month goal!

A couple notes about this song:
– Recorded it with the click and I wish I would have done it about 5-10 BPM faster. At least the tempo is more consistent!
– This song employs one of my very favorite chords. Guess which one it is?
-Please imagine the pitch is correct through the whole tune 🙂

Holy, You Are Holy

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Sunday Setlists 02/22/9

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists.

This morning at Lifehouse we had breakfast together first and then had a shortened service. We had a really casual morning for the worship set – two guitars and a djembe and three vocals (we each sang and played and instrument). My favorite part of the morning was sharing the song leading with my two friends Nate and Alice who both did an amazing job.

The power point (I know, we’re in the technology dark ages.. just a step above transparencies!) decided not to work during the first verse of the Desert Song but we just repeated the first verse and it turned out just fine. My favorite song this morning was It is Well – Alice led it and I sang a simple harmony that moved really well with the V/V chord progression on the third line of the verses. I love beautiful harmonies.

Our set looked like this:

For Who You Are (Hillsong) – E

Mighty to Save (HIllsong) – E

Cannons (Wickham) – G

Desert Song (Hillsong) – D

It is Well (H.G. Spafford) – A

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Song 3 of 24

Here is my third song for my songwriting challenge as a part of Our Creative Community..

Thoughts –

1. I need to play with a click track because the tempo is all over the place
2. I am unhappy with a few of the lyrics, I think I will rewrite some of them
3. I really like this song


“Easter Song”

The Son of God born in a barn
Angels surrounded, shepherds awed
At the baby boy, our salvation

Many miracles he did
Walked on the sea and healed the sick
Friend to the rebel, outcast and the poor

The people tried to find a way
and by His friend He was betrayed
By a some money and a kiss

When they tried Him He wouldn’t say
A word in His defense, only “it is as you say”
The crowds yelled crucify, and He was led away

They mocked and beat our blameless Lord
On His head a crown of thorns
And then they took Him nailed Him to the cross

Darkness overtook the day
Jesus cried out and gave His life away
The veil was torn, the earth quaked

He is risen, He is our risen Lord
He is risen, He is our risen Lord
Conquered death and through Him we are saved

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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Sunday Setlist 02/15/08

This morning was great. Despite losing a singer/co-leader to sickness (she told me she sounded like Tracy Chapman on drugs, ha!), me singing completely off key at one point, and some sound issues, it was a really fun morning. I found out one of the guitar players is a SLAMMIN piano player. He will slay you with his skills, seriously. This morning we only had guitar, keys and drums, and it sounded really nice. Our usual setup is two guitars and a djembe, but the keys really filled out the sound today. Someday we’ll get some bass players but for what we have now it sounded fantastic.

Here’s how our morning went:

Your Grace is Enough
(Maher) – E

I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) – E We did this one with a little more groove than normal. Instead of a slow, ballad type song we sped it up just a little – just enough to make you want to bob your head. It worked – it’s not too wordy like a lot of older hymns.


(Egan) – F Second week doing this song and I really think it’s catching on. As well as being an easy song to sing, it seems like people are really connecting with the lyrics.

You Alone (Crowder) – D

From the Inside Out (Hillsong) – G Joi, the sick one, was supposed to lead this song. I didn’t want to replace it at the last second because it would cause me more stress than if I just led it myself. Being absolutely honest, I don’t do the octave jumps very well vocally. Without another choice, I led it, and it went okay. I think I’m more critical of myself anyway.


Response – Hungry (Scott) – C

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists. Go check out what other churches around the world did today!

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