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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists – this is a great resource for finding new music, and seeing what other churches are doing around the world.

My friend Beth, a worship leader at The Well, came and co-lead with me this week. She and I led worship at a women’s retreat last fall and it was so much fun I had to do it again. We introduced a new song, Never Let Go – right now the sermons are out of Luke 15 leading up to the story of the prodigal son which we’ll talk about on Easter Sunday. It’s a very fitting song, topically, and it’s also really beautiful.

Here’s how our morning went:

Sing to the King (Foote) – E


(Wickham) – D
From the Inside Out (Hillsong) – G
Never Let Go (Crowder) – C
I Exalt Thee (Pete Sanchez Jr.) – F


Communion – Arise My Soul, Arise (G/A)

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If you need a refresher- I’ve taken on a challenge to write (and share) two songs a month this year. It’s had it’s ups and downs.. Listen to some of the stuff I’ve written here, here, here, and here.

In response to this post, I’m blogging about MY creative process.

What ignites that flame inside you to create?
There’s always been something in me that drives me to be creative. As a kid I was always in the art classes, and bands. I honestly think it’s something that God has put in me.

What sparks that passion inside you?
When I listen to something new/innovated/awesome – recently this video:

How do you channel your creativity into a finished product?
For me it HAS to be a conscious effort to draft/redraft/rerecord. I am, admittedly, lazy.

What do you do when you struggle to create?
Hide? … Kidding… Kind of.

I just keep trying.

How do you celebrate your wins?
Post about it, play the song for EVERYONE I know at least 100 times.

Do you enjoy your creative process?
Usually. Mostly when I’m finished.

How do you share your creative elements with others?
My blog, for one. I play my songs for my friends. Email mp3s to friends.

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists – go check out what other churches did this morning!

It was an easy morning. Set up was easy, rehearsal was easy, the service was easy. I like it when that happens. We had a small team today – 2 acoustic guitars, a djembe and a vocalist. I came away from the this morning feeling like I was having fun – that is a great thing.

Unchanging (Tomin) – E

Break – Announcements

Reign in Us (Starfield) – G
Rescue (Anderson) – A
Jesus Messiah (Tomlin) – A
Here I am to Worship (Hughes) – D


Come Ye Sinners (Robby Seay Band arrangement) – D

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This is my update post regarding the songwriting challenge. I am updating to say, I have nothing to say. Not for lack of trying either. It’s been frustrating to sit and try and WILL a song into being.

Any ideas on how to cultivate a creative environment?

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