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This mornings worship set:

1. Your Grace is Enough (Maher) – E
2. I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) (Hymn) – E
3. You Are Holy (Original) – C
4. Cannons (Wickham) – D
5. Lead Me To The Cross (Fraser) – C
6. I Surrender All (Hymn) – C

Coming off a week where I was fairly ill with a cold and a *very* sore throat, I was so happy to have scheduled another leader to do the bulk of the songs this week. Joi led everything but my original song and I Surrender All. She, and the band, were awesome. It’s not too often that we get a full band but when we can all get on the same Sunday, it’s amazing. All the musicians are incredibly talented and its so much FUN to play together!

Overall everything went great – we figured out the source of the mysterious buzzing from last week – and the sound setup etc was easy. Listening back to the recording there are places that I want to nitpick but, really, it was a really great morning- issue free and very worshipful. 🙂

Here’s a our version of I Stand Amazed, as recorded live on my iPhone! (Joi leading :))

As always, this post is a part of Sunday Setlists!

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists. Click over to Fred’s blog and check out what other churches did this week!

Here’s our song list from Sunday morning:

1. Beautiful One (Hughes) – Bb
2. All Creatures of Our God and King (Crowder version) – A
3. Sing to the King (Foote) – E
4. Never Let Go (Crowder) – C
5. Here Is Love (Redman version) – D

High point – Setup was quick. We’ve been doing this for long enough that mostly everyone just knows what to do instead of standing around waiting to be told. The worship time was great too. We had a simple set up for musicians – guitar, bass, djembe – and I felt like the simplicity of the music really lent to letting our concentration be on God.

Low point – Continual speaker buzz. Frustrating that it was totally unexplainable. Also I made a big mistake on Here is Love. However it was our first time singing it and I don’t think many people realized what I did – I repeated the second verse and sang it to the tune of the chorus. My eyes went to the wrong paragraph on the page and out came the second verse instead of the first chorus which I was meaning to sing. Everyone followed along and I was very lucky that the syllables all fit in the tune.

Also- on the way home Bryce told me that I made some typos on the slides. Of course I had a mini heart attack and started to feel incredibly embarrassed. He let me ramble on about it for about 3 minutes until he told me he was kidding…. I can laugh about it now, anyway 😉

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists – go check out what other churches did this morning all over the world!

What a fun day! Setup went quickly, jokes abounded and sound ran smoothly. Nick led worship (chose songs, etc) this week, and I led some songs vocally. Also- I got very little sleep – it’s was Bryce’s (my husband) birthday yesterday so we did birthday dinner stuff last night- and on top of that I had an allergic reaction Saturday afternoon which required me to take a benadryl, which it turn required me to fall asleep for 4+ hours in the middle of the day, which does not lend well to a good nights sleep. However, sleepiness aside I had some liquid caffeine and was good to go.

Our set list:

1. Blessed Be Your Name (Redman) – G
Break for coffee and kids dismissal
2. For Who You Are – A/D
3. Desert Song (Fraser) – D
4. Reign in Us (Starfield) – B
5. Arise, my Soul Arise (Wesley) – C/D
6. Communion – Draw Me Close (Carpenter) – A

One thing I added is a recording from this morning of Arise, My Soul Arise. I’m hoping you’ll give it a listen and let me know if you’ve heard this arrangement before. I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, and I’d like to give arrangement credits where credits are due!

I used my iPhone to record this, so be nice! I used the free app iTalk and then ran it into garageband this afternoon. This was recorded back at the soundboard, so you will hear some people talking at the beginning. Also, I will say that this is not my best vocal performance, but you know it’s not about that 😉 Anyway, enjoy! In the recording is me leading, two acoustic guitars, two other vocals and a djembe.

(if the player doesn’t work for you, download it here: Arise, My Soul)

Let me know if you’ve heard it (or not!) in the comment section!

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So, this week I had a great morning- I got to sit back and just play guitar and sing some harmonies. We had breakfast as a church (one of the great perks of being small) and then did a shortened set of songs, and a shortened talk.

Our song set looked like this:

1. Our God Reigns (Cederberg) – A
2. Overcome (Egan) – A
3. Cannons (Wickham) – D
4. Yahweh (McDonald) – D

Overall everything went well – the sound cooperated, we got setup on time, and had no musical snags during the run through or the service. It was super nice out too which makes everyone smile more.

As always, this is a part of Sunday Setlists.

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