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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists! This is the year anniversary of the Sunday setlist blog carnival.

1. I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) – E
2. All We Need (Hall) – D
3. Desert Song (Fraser) – D
4. Make Way for Me a Sinner (Vice) – Bb
5. Unashamed (Starfield) – Eb
6. Doxology (Tommy Walker Arr.) – D

This morning we started setup a bit early to make sure we had enough time to rehearse our songs. Due to some schedule/summer conflicts we canceled our weekly rehearsal. We had more than enough time to run through everything we needed, with time to spare. Everything went really smoothly, musically. We tagged “I Exalt Thee” on the end of “All We Need” and it was really sweet. This was our second week singing “Make Way for Me a Sinner” and I could see and hear people getting more involved in the song now that they know it. Success!

We are in a bit of heat wave here in Portland, and since we meet in a (non a/c’d) school, it was a bit on the warm side, even at 10:30 this morning. However, some brilliant, loving soul thought to bring the makings for iced coffee for everyone. It was completely amazing, especially since we get Stumptown (the most delicious coffee, ever).

Tell me – how was your Sunday? Does anyone else get to do church in a non air conditioned building?

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists. Go check it out!

This week was super busy for me and I was feeling a bit frazzled by Sunday morning. Frazzled, and sunburnt. Ouch! Despite me forgetting charts for one of the vocalists, and the van full of our sound equipment not starting, we got our gear set up and ran through our songs without instance, and on time.

This week Joi led 3 songs, I led 2, and Nick led 1. I think it’s so awesome that we can share the leadership and trade off songs. I am so incredibly blessed to have quality, qualified musicians who play with me every week. This week we introduced a new song – “Make Way for Me A Sinner” which was written by my good friend who is a worship pastor at The Well church, here in Portland. He hasn’t gotten to record it yet, but I promise, it’s awesome. If I could change anything about our set – I would have led “Before the Throne of God Above” in Bb instead of B. The range is about an octave and a half and I do much better withe the lower part of my register than the higher. Never the less, it was still good, albeit a bit uncomfortable for me to sing.

Here’s our set:

1. Sing to the King (Foote) – E
2. All Creatures of our God and King – B
3. Sweetly Broken (Riddle) – C
4. Rescue (Anderson) – Bb
5. Make Way For Me a Sinner – (Vice) Bb
6. Before the Throne of God Above – B

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Here I am again! Last weekend was my birthday (the big TWO SEVEN) and I had the Sunday off to go camping with my husband and some of our friends. It was good to be back at church on Sunday. Here’s our set:

1. Our God Reigns (Cederberg) – G
2. Holy is the Lord (Tomlin) – D
3. Your Grace is Enough (Maher) – C
4. Great is Thy Faithfulness – G
5. Christ the Solid Rock – D

Overall it was a good morning – the soundboard cooperated, the team sounded good, the music flowed well. My arrangement of Great is Thy Faithfulness was really nice, I changed some of the melody, but not so much that it was confusing to sing along with. Also, it was requested of me to play Christ the Solid Rock for our response/communion time so I got to learn and play it all in one week. I think it went okay for me just learning it this past Wednesday.

Question – how many of you use or enjoy the use of hymns in your gathering? Why? Why not?

As always a party of this.

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