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Seal Rocks, OR

Taken with my iPhone and used the Best Cam app.

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Five years

I’m writing this post on my iPhone in the Portland airport, waiting for our flight to Vancouver. From there we fly to Calgary, then to our final destination Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Five years ago Bryce and I were married. I say this all the time, but I still mean it whole heartedly: marrying Bryce was the best thing that ever happened to me.

So, here’s to many more!

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Graces #6

1. A real vacation. Not worrying about anything. The biggest
decision I have to make today is to drive North or South.
2. Become very fairly certain of my allergy problem… and it’s NOT
coffee. Hooray!
3. Wearing a nice white sweater for the first time, and I’ve gotten
through at least 2 hours so far with no stains!

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Graces #5

1. Getting over the really hard part of my diet. I still want food I
can’t have but I don’t feel like death. It’s a vast improvement.
Also, this is making me learn how to cook new and different things,
which I always like.
2. Taking two days away from everything and everyone to spend with Bryce.
3. New clothes. A bit materialistic, but I really like a new sweater
once in a while.

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