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Quick Post #2

Right now I’m waiting for the bus to pick me up, and this big black dog walked by. It reminded me of the craziest thing that’s happened to me in a long time.

On a hot and humid day last summer Amanda and I rode our bikes from my house to my sisters. As night fell a big thunder and lightning storm rolled in, and we decided to chance it and ride the three miles back to my house. As soon as we we five blocks away, the heavens opened and immediatly we were drenched to the bone. The power went out and everything was pitch black except our blinky lights and the occasional bolt of lightning.

It was pretty scary and kind of hilarious, and all the way home people were standing on their darkened porches watching the storm. As we turned onto my street I veered onto the sidewalk a few houses before mine. Just at that moment a huge clap of thunder crashed, a bolt of lightning flashed and the neighbors huge black dog came barreling off the porch barking an chasing after me. And then he bit me. Right in the meaty part of the thigh. I yelled at the owners “Your dog BIT ME!” and left my bike in my yard and ran soaking wet to check my wound. When I realized, yes, I was bleeding I marched back over there to scold them. I think I told them something about “keeping their dogs tied up” but I’m not sure. They offered me a beer and I declined, marched back home, put a bandaid on and dried off.

The next day we left for vacation, and while we were gone they left a card and a Peace Lily. Which was very thoughtful.


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It’s Dark and Wet

We did something kind of radical, my husband and I.  We sold one of our cars.  He needs the car for work, which means I am now commuting by bike to work everyday.  Honestly this sounded like a great idea this summer, it saves a lot of money on gas and insurance, and it’s being very socially responsible.  It’s very “Portland” of me.  But today I inwardly groaned when I woke up hearing rain.  It’s the first of many days of rain.

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