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Dry Socket


I would rather rip my head off than go through this again.

It all started Monday- my mouth started hurting, mostly when I spoke or was chewing. I ignored it. Monday night I woke up at about 1:45 with extreme pain in the left side of my face. Like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat. I was up for three hours with a hot washcloth on my face.

Somehow I made it to work yesterday on my bike. The pain kept getting worse and worse, if you can believe that. I started crying and called the dentist out of desperation- they squeezed me in, thankfully. I rode my bike to the dentist where they squirted medicine into the holes… and onto my exposed BONE. That’s why it hurt so bad- my blood clots got dislodged and my bone, on both lower sides of my jaw was exposed to everything. OUCH. After they cleaned out the wounds they stuffed medicated gauze into them and told me to come back in two days to get it changed out.

That procedure was by far the worst pain I have ever been in. However, I was so desperate for relief at that point that I was willing to endure it. I sat in the chair with my eyes closed, mouth open, and tears running down my face getting my hair all wet. I was extremely embarrassed- I’m a grown woman!

Thankfully, today I am feeling so much better. The gauze is protecting my bones and nerves and the vicodin doesn’t hurt either.

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