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This week I co-lead worship with my friend Joi.  She has an amazing voice.  Seriously.

From the Inside Out (Houston) – G. Joi lead this song because it always seems like I’m screaming at the octave jump. She rocked it.

Desert Song (Fraser) – D. Joi also lead this song, though we shared the four verses like the recording. Now the congregation has really learned this song and made it theirs, I’m putting on the back burner for a few weeks or so.

In The Shadow of the Glorious Cross (Ritter, Bales) – C. Thank you internetz for allowing me to be a part of an online community with awesome, new, creative resources. If you haven’t yet, please check out this: Sojourn Music Blog. A-mazing. This song was new this week and I feel like it went over well. I mean to do it in D but after waking up this morning I realized anything over C above middle C was NOT happening. It turned out well in C.

All We Need (Hall) – C. This was also supposed to be in D but after I started playing it, halfway through the verse I realized I was still playing in C. Ha! Thankfully this morning it was just me on guitar and vocals, Joi co-leading and Josh playing the djembe.

The service overall went really well. The message was about “What is the Church?”. We had a LOT of new faces this morning which is very encouraging. I left the service thinking “GOD IS GOOD”.

Yes, He is.


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