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My attempt at 100 pic Friday …

Which actually turned into a 63 pic weekend! Thanks to twitter and @joshuawhite I tried to take 100 pictures with my iPhone on Friday. That didn’t quite work – but here’s my results anyway 🙂

Some are pretty cool, and some suck. On about half I used some effects with an app I have called Camera Bag. Most of them are taken on the way up to and in Seattle, WA, where we attended some Red Sox games and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Here are a few of my favorites. To see the rest click on any picture and it’ll take you to my flickr page.





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Quick Post #1

I’ve downloaded the wordpress app to my iPhone. This is my idea: to do quick posts when the inspiration hits. Here is my very first:

Those guys/gals who hang outside the library, coffee shops and new seasons annoy the crap out of me with their clipboards and incessant interuptions. You know who I mean- they want your signature to legalize pot. Or for any ballot measure. These guys certainly are worse than people at kiosks in the mall but not nearly as bad as the men in the robes selling books downtown.

Don’t make eye contact. Say nothankyou and walk away. Quickly.

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I missed church last week, and will again this week.  Last week was my anniversary (4 years, woo!) and we went out to the coast, and next week we are going to a Seahawks game in Seattle.   Ironically enough, I’ve been more busy getting other people ready to lead worship then I am on the normal weeks I lead.   I’ve also been asked to play a women’s retreat for another church a weekend in October, which I’ll probably do.  So much to plan for!  Not to mention the mass amounts of emails I send and receive.

The iPhone is a blessing and a curse- email at my fingertips.. but then again I get my emails at all hours of the day and night.  And I have a hard time putting it down and taking a break from it all.

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