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One thing I’ve always thought of myself is that I really don’t fit in with Christian culture.  Not the loving Jesus part, obviously,  but the “style” of Christian life.  At least as portrayed by the magazines, records and tv channels. It’s this thought that has made me feel uncomfortable as a worship leader at times.  First off, I’m not a man! Also, I’m not blond, my teeth aren’t straight and bright white, I’m not skinny, my voice isn’t that great, and I didn’t go to bible college.

I found myself in a strange situation last week, because of some miscommunication I was asked very last minute to lead a few songs at a church planting seminar.  I didn’t know anything about it except that I would get some free chili, so I showed up the next day and walked into a room full of people who have planted churches, or are currently in the process.   I guess it shouldn’t have been so unexpected, but the ratio of men to women was about 20:1.   I have never seen so many 25-35 year old married, bible degreed men trying to look like David Crowder.  It was amazing.  And, to be honest, a bit uncomfortable for me.   It was like walking into a club that I never knew existed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love David Crowder! This isn’t a post judging others- it’s a post reflecting on how I can learn to adapt to social situations that are very different to me. Honestly, I do feel out of place in most Christian circles- I’m female worship leader and my husband isn’t a pastor- in fact he isn’t in ministry at all.

After mulling through this, I do know that it doesn’t change my desire to be a worship leader. There is something to be said about “growing up” and just making do. It’s a great thing to get some more diversity- but I wish it didn’t have to be me! I sure I’m more preoccupied with my situation than anyone else anyway- I bet no one else cares that I’m one of 10 women in a room of pastors.

Men-do you even think about this? Women- can you relate at all? How have you overcome this kind of thing?

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