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Song 5 of 24


This has been a super busy week so I recorded this new song I wrote. I really hate watching myself on video but I really don’t have time and it’s been so long since I’ve put a song up I decided to just do it.

The song does not have a title… nor does it have a bridge… nor is it finished. I want to add a bridge for sure. I really like it though, especially chord progression. I don’t play enough stuff in minor keys.

Lyrics and Chords

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists – this is a great resource for finding new music, and seeing what other churches are doing around the world.

My friend Beth, a worship leader at The Well, came and co-lead with me this week. She and I led worship at a women’s retreat last fall and it was so much fun I had to do it again. We introduced a new song, Never Let Go – right now the sermons are out of Luke 15 leading up to the story of the prodigal son which we’ll talk about on Easter Sunday. It’s a very fitting song, topically, and it’s also really beautiful.

Here’s how our morning went:

Sing to the King (Foote) – E


(Wickham) – D
From the Inside Out (Hillsong) – G
Never Let Go (Crowder) – C
I Exalt Thee (Pete Sanchez Jr.) – F


Communion – Arise My Soul, Arise (G/A)

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This is song 2 of my songwriting challenge which is a party of Our Creative Community.

See song 1 here.

I starting singing this chorus on my bike ride home from work the other day. I tackled garage band and this is what came out:

It’s a long narrow road we’re on
A long narrow road we’re on
Keep me from the snares of evil
From the devil’s harm
It’s a long narrow road we’re on

There are troubles far and wide
Temptations may pull you aside
Inside our hearts the hope resides
We will carry on

Just take this advice from me
It won’t be quick, it won’t be easy
But when we reach the end we’ll see
So let us carry on

Those gates await for you and me
So take courage, and take heed
The One who guides us never leaves
We will carry on

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Using My Ear

I spent an hour yesterday listening and working out the the version of Holy, Holy, Holy that Sufjan Steven’s recorded on his Christmas album.  It’s beautiful.  The first time I heard it I knew I needed to learn it.   Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FpQuGRlNg8 .

So I spent the hour getting the chord progression, then I took it down a key.  I’m going to record a scratch track so I can layer the harmonies on and send it off to a friend who sings with me occasionally.  She has a great ear and a fantastic voice.

I think the end result will be fantastic- not a complete replica of Mr. Steven’s track but something equally as beautiful and creative.

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