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This Sunday was wonderful. My good friends Erik and Jamie came to lead worship, so I finally got a week off. It was fabulous to have a week off from rehearsal and leading Sunday morning. I got to sit with Bryce, and take communion with him. I did get to be the ’emcee’ for the service, which I have to admit freaked the heck out of me. Sure, I can sing in front of people all day. But TALK in front of them?!?! I did the announcements, invocation, giving and benediction. And I think it went alright… mostly because I wrote everything I was going to say on a piece of paper.

Of course the band did fantastic. We had a full band – acoustic, electric, bass and drums. Erik’s set looked like this:

Your Grace is Enough (Maher)
Our God Reigns (Erik’s original.. hopefully he’ll post it so I can link to it and you all can get to listen to it’s awesomeness also… hint, hint Erik!)
Blessed be Your Name (Redman)
Cannons (Wickham)
How Great Thou Art
Rescue (Anderson)

Overall the service went really well I thought. If you’d like to hear some of Erik’s original music, check his stuff out here.

As always this post is part of Sunday Setlists!

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists.

Our setlist:

All We Need – Charlie Hall: I played this song in D- replacing the tag/bridge on the recording with We Exalt Thee. It flowed well, and I especially liked the chord substitution we did on the We Exalt Thee tag – instead of the V on the second line, we played a iii chord- it changed it up just enough to be fresh but wasn’t distracting.

Desert Song – Hillsong: A new song this week. To preface the song I shared a little of why the song speaks to me – in short I’ve had a hard year- or two- deaths in the family, general discontentment… I really am uncomfortable being vulnerable but I think here it was appropriate. The song went over very very well. We did it in the original key, D.

Congregational Scripture Reading: Psalm 46. We read it as a group and took a few minutes for personal reflection.

Rescue – Jared Anderson – Ab. A favorite of everyone. I wish I could play this one in G but it would be too low for the men. Ah well.

Majesty – Delirious – Ab. Also pushing on the too low side for the guys, so I had my other guitar/vocals (male) sing up in my octave for the pre-chorus. It sounded great.

For musicians we had two: myself on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, and a tenor also on acoustic guitar. We were supposed to have a keyboard player show up but he never did. I’m learning to be flexible! I had several positive comments about the set after the service and my husband told me in the car on the way home it was “the best one yet”. And he’s not one to mince words.

Next weekend I’m playing/leading for a womens retreat for another church. Services Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night. Then a two hour drive home and service the next morning. Thankfully I am not leading next week, just playing and singing some bgv. I am really looking forward to the retreat- I just know that God is going to do something amazing. And I don’t say that lightly.

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