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So, terribly late in posting this. I’ve been busy this week preparing for the next two weeks – to celebrate Bryce and I’s 5 year anniversary, we are going on a trip. First we’re heading out to the Oregon coast, and then flying up to Grande Prairie, Alberta to stay with his sister and her family. I’ve got a lot of work to do before I leave.

Last Sunday was the fifth Sunday of August – so we, as a church, had breakfast together. To account for that we had a shorter set:

1. Glory to God Forever (Fee, Beeching)
2. For Who You Are (Hillsong)
3. Here I Am to Worship (Hughes)
4. Holy, Holy, Holy (As arranged by Sufjan Stevens)

Overall, it was great. I was really worn out going into the morning because one of my oldest friends had gotten married the day before- which means I was busy for the two weeks prior to the wedding as well 🙂 This was our second time singing Glory to God Forever and I think that it is really catching on well. I chose other really well known songs other than that and the participation level of the crowd was really encouraging.

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists! Go check it out!

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Song 5 of 24


This has been a super busy week so I recorded this new song I wrote. I really hate watching myself on video but I really don’t have time and it’s been so long since I’ve put a song up I decided to just do it.

The song does not have a title… nor does it have a bridge… nor is it finished. I want to add a bridge for sure. I really like it though, especially chord progression. I don’t play enough stuff in minor keys.

Lyrics and Chords

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This is my update post regarding the songwriting challenge. I am updating to say, I have nothing to say. Not for lack of trying either. It’s been frustrating to sit and try and WILL a song into being.

Any ideas on how to cultivate a creative environment?

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How Great Thou Art

Famous One

You Alone

You Are My King (Amazing Love)

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