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So, I guess I totally forgot to post our Sunday Setlist last week! Oops. Well, here is how our Sunday went today:

I was terribly distracted this morning – When I went to leave my house this morning, I found that our car had been broken into. Ugh. Nothing important was taken but the thieves made a big mess of my car. I ended up being a little late. Our setup/run through seemed like a lot of work this week. We didn’t have a rehearsal so that didn’t help anything. In addition to that I was also busy setting up garageband to record the service. (Our first time using a computer record from the board) Despite the business/craziness of the morning the actual time of worship was good. Refreshing.

Here’s our set:

1. Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
2. Cannons (Wickham)
3. All We Need (Hall)
4. Rescue (Anderson)
5. Psalm 46 (Mine)

So tell me, how did your Sunday go?

As always, a part of this.

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As always, this post is a part of this.

1. Blessed Be Your Name (Redman) – Gb
2. For Who You Are (Hillsong) – E
3. How Great is Our God (Tomlin) – Gb
4. Never Let Go (Crowder) – Db
5. Psalm 46 (Mine) – E
6. Nothing But the Blood (Hymn) – Gb

Another hot and sweaty sunday for us. Despite it being quite warm, we had a great morning. I also got to debut a new song I had written. Here is a recording (not live) that I did really quickly with my iPhone. I was a bit hesitant to use it congregationally but the response from everyone was incredible and overwhelmingly positive.

Let me know what you think in the comments section, pretty please?


Psalm 46

(Verse 1)
Mountains shake, the world breaks
Life falls down and so do I
Plans change, I make mistakes
No matter how much I’ve tried

But in the midst of this, You are here
I’m safe in Your strength
You are my refuge, I will not be moved
My heart melts at these words You say

Oh be still
Oh be still
And know that I am God

(Verse 2)
I believe You are my peace inside of all this grief
I believe You’re what I need in troubled times like these

Storms come and go, seasons pass and still You stay
Life ebbs and flows, time turns and still You say

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This post is a part of Sunday Setlists. Go check it out.

This morning I had the privilege of coleading worship. I lead three songs and Nick, who plays the keys, lead the other three. I finally got to introduce a song I wrote a month or so ago. I posted it on this blog here, so go take a listen. It’s just a rough garageband recording but it’ll give you the idea. Overall the morning went smoothly. The response/communion time was really meaningful today. I got all choked up and couldn’t sing and was very glad to not be leading Nothing but the Blood today.

1. Unchanging – E (Tomlin)
2. From the Inside Out – C (Hillsong)
3. Unashamed – F (Starfield)
4. You are Holy – C (mine!)
5. Holy, Holy, Holy (Hymn)- C
6. Nothing but the Blood (Hymn) – F

How was your Sunday morning? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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Song 5 of 24


This has been a super busy week so I recorded this new song I wrote. I really hate watching myself on video but I really don’t have time and it’s been so long since I’ve put a song up I decided to just do it.

The song does not have a title… nor does it have a bridge… nor is it finished. I want to add a bridge for sure. I really like it though, especially chord progression. I don’t play enough stuff in minor keys.

Lyrics and Chords

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This is my update post regarding the songwriting challenge. I am updating to say, I have nothing to say. Not for lack of trying either. It’s been frustrating to sit and try and WILL a song into being.

Any ideas on how to cultivate a creative environment?

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Song 3 of 24

Here is my third song for my songwriting challenge as a part of Our Creative Community..

Thoughts –

1. I need to play with a click track because the tempo is all over the place
2. I am unhappy with a few of the lyrics, I think I will rewrite some of them
3. I really like this song


“Easter Song”

The Son of God born in a barn
Angels surrounded, shepherds awed
At the baby boy, our salvation

Many miracles he did
Walked on the sea and healed the sick
Friend to the rebel, outcast and the poor

The people tried to find a way
and by His friend He was betrayed
By a some money and a kiss

When they tried Him He wouldn’t say
A word in His defense, only “it is as you say”
The crowds yelled crucify, and He was led away

They mocked and beat our blameless Lord
On His head a crown of thorns
And then they took Him nailed Him to the cross

Darkness overtook the day
Jesus cried out and gave His life away
The veil was torn, the earth quaked

He is risen, He is our risen Lord
He is risen, He is our risen Lord
Conquered death and through Him we are saved

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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This is song 2 of my songwriting challenge which is a party of Our Creative Community.

See song 1 here.

I starting singing this chorus on my bike ride home from work the other day. I tackled garage band and this is what came out:

It’s a long narrow road we’re on
A long narrow road we’re on
Keep me from the snares of evil
From the devil’s harm
It’s a long narrow road we’re on

There are troubles far and wide
Temptations may pull you aside
Inside our hearts the hope resides
We will carry on

Just take this advice from me
It won’t be quick, it won’t be easy
But when we reach the end we’ll see
So let us carry on

Those gates await for you and me
So take courage, and take heed
The One who guides us never leaves
We will carry on

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