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Sunday Setlist 11/30/08

First- my mouth is better! I got put on antibiotics and everything cleared up by Wednesday.

This morning attendance was down, as I expected. A lot of families were out of town for the holiday. In anticipation of that it was just me on acoustic and one vocalist singing harmonies. This setup was perfect for the morning, it was small and intimate.

Our set:

For Who You Are – D I played this in a lower key today so the other singer could sing the harmonies above the melody. I really prefer to do it in E, or F on a good day ;).

How Great is Our God – G What I love about this song is that is so familiar, the voices really ring out above the band (or just me today). It’s familiar, but not played out, which is nice.

Jesus Messiah – D This is a new song for us, and it seems like everyone is picking it up really fast. I do like the simplicity but I am itching to get my hands on it to do a cool arrangement. I will wait until it’s not new anymore!

O Come Emmanuel – Cm One of my favorite carols- it tied into the theme ‘Hope’ very well. I tagged the “Come, Lord Jesus, come” chorus from All Who Are Thirsty on the end – we sang it over the i – VI chords which was very cool.

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The Thanksgiving Post!

I am so thankful for:

My husband, Bryce


My family

Wallace Family


My church family


My health, shelter, food, and needs being cared for


My Faith

My Dog


Fenway Park

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Sunday Setlist 11/23/08

Sorry this is late. I’ve been having complications since getting my wisdom teeth out- basically I’m a hot mess; can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think. Thankfully I got back to my dentist and am on antibiotics and pain medicine so I can start to feel human again.

This last Sunday we had another leader scheduled, which turned out to be amazingly helpful. We did a breakfast first so the set was shortened.

Unchanging (Tomlin) – G
Jesus Messiah (Tomlin) – G
One Thing (Hall) – D

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Dry Socket


I would rather rip my head off than go through this again.

It all started Monday- my mouth started hurting, mostly when I spoke or was chewing. I ignored it. Monday night I woke up at about 1:45 with extreme pain in the left side of my face. Like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat. I was up for three hours with a hot washcloth on my face.

Somehow I made it to work yesterday on my bike. The pain kept getting worse and worse, if you can believe that. I started crying and called the dentist out of desperation- they squeezed me in, thankfully. I rode my bike to the dentist where they squirted medicine into the holes… and onto my exposed BONE. That’s why it hurt so bad- my blood clots got dislodged and my bone, on both lower sides of my jaw was exposed to everything. OUCH. After they cleaned out the wounds they stuffed medicated gauze into them and told me to come back in two days to get it changed out.

That procedure was by far the worst pain I have ever been in. However, I was so desperate for relief at that point that I was willing to endure it. I sat in the chair with my eyes closed, mouth open, and tears running down my face getting my hair all wet. I was extremely embarrassed- I’m a grown woman!

Thankfully, today I am feeling so much better. The gauze is protecting my bones and nerves and the vicodin doesn’t hurt either.

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16 Things

1. I am writing this because I have had insomnia since I got my wisdom teeth pulled out

2. I have dry socket in both my bottom toothless holes. I have never in my life experienced something more painful than I did today. I cried. Twice.

3. I would like a cat.

4. I love to cook and wish I could do it better.

5. On that note, I just burned boxed tomato soup 😐

6. Somehow, it turns out I like exercise.

7. I also tear up about Obama because there is something about breaking through glass ceilings that is very very inspiring to me.

8. I feel a little guilty for loving the Twilight series so much.

9. I like Survivor but would never in a million years be on the show.

10. Public speaking makes me nervous.

11. I am impatient. Always.

12. I only like the Blazers during good years.

13. Some days I feel self-righteous about bike commuting. Others I am jealous of people driving. Usually this corresponds with the weather.

14. I miss my old NS friends I never see anymore.

15. My favorite Friday nights include three things: wine, bread, myself.

16. I like hosting parties.

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Sunday Setlist 11/16/08

I had a hard morning personally, so I am consciously trying to be objective and not completely negative about everything. I had my wisdom teeth out this week and couldn’t sing with out major pain in my jaw- I was taking a quarter dose of the pain meds this morning just so I could make it by. We also had two guest musicians, drums and bass. We narrowly averted a train wreck two times- one of the times the guitar player/vocal lead came in a beat and a half too early- thank you Jesus for sending us an amazing drummer. I about had a heart attack.

Overall the music was in tune, the chords were right, and we didn’t stop in the middle of a song, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I’m just glad this morning is over!


Beautiful One – A
You Alone/Famous One Medley – D
Rescue – Ab
Inside Out – G
Here I am to Worship – E


Communion –
Sweetly Broken – A
I Stand Amazed – E

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Yesterday morning I went in for oral surgery. I was very nervous, I really dislike dentists. Everything went off without a hitch, I got sent home with my every caring sister @lham, and she stayed to take care of me even though her little 1 year old baby was tired and cranky.

I’m doing okay today, thanks to the narcotics and having time off work. I’m just glad I don’t ever have to do this again.

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