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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I’ve finally admitted to myself, and the world, that I am full of Christmas spirit. My husband however, is appalled by this fact, telling me (as I unpacked a bag of cinnamon pine cones) :

“You tricked me! If I would have known this five years ago, I never would have married you!”

Of course, he was joking. But he is very confused at the constant playing of Christmas music, decorations, and just general seasonal happiness I am radiating. I think he’s worried that I’m turning into my grandmother- literally she has THREE trees every year exploding with ornaments, a huge little town on cotton snow, mulitple nativity scenes, a four foot santa statue, and a ton more little trinkets dating back to the 1960s. It’s insane.

Here’s what I’ve got up so far- well within the realm of acceptability, right?

dog and tree

I am trying assure him that I still have some sense of taste left. He’s trying to deter me from hanging lights on our house, but I am going to sneak them on when he’s gone this evening. He he he. Or, I mean, Ho ho ho!

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