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I am in the middle of a super busy two weeks, so I’ll keep this post short. Sunday was a small team – myself on guitar, a djembe and a vocalist. This was the first time we’ve done Glory to God Forever, and it went well. I think it will find a home in our rotation. It’s a fun, upbeat, catchy song. I am usually drawn toward more contemplative stuff, so I intentionally picked this song to add.

1. Glory to God Forever (Fee, Beeching)
2. All Creatures of Our God and King
3. Sweetly Broken (Riddle)
4. Beautiful, Scandalous Night (Daugherty, Hindalong)
5. Overcome (Egan)
6. Arise, My Soul, Arise

As always, a part of this.

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Grace In Small Things #2

1. More tomatoes than I know what to do with in my backyard.


2. Cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I go through food phases. It was chips and salsa and sour cream, but now it seems I’ve moved onto these sandwiches. Sometimes I add some basil leaves too. It’s like summer-time heaven.

3. Spending time at the ocean with my best friends.

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I ran across this idea/website/ning account through a couple of blogs I read through my google reader. I’ve decided to start consistently blogging and I think this idea of writing out things that I’m thankful for will be a good for me to stay out of the negative mind rut I often find myself in.


1. Afternoon naps in front of our window A/C, with my dog curled up beside me. The quiet whir of the unit drowns out the noise outside and the cold air lets me get some rest in the middle of the heat in August.

2. Tan lines from flip-flops.

3. Having the health, stamina and strength to ride my bike instead of drive. Also- the sun in the afternoon to ride home in.

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So, I guess I totally forgot to post our Sunday Setlist last week! Oops. Well, here is how our Sunday went today:

I was terribly distracted this morning – When I went to leave my house this morning, I found that our car had been broken into. Ugh. Nothing important was taken but the thieves made a big mess of my car. I ended up being a little late. Our setup/run through seemed like a lot of work this week. We didn’t have a rehearsal so that didn’t help anything. In addition to that I was also busy setting up garageband to record the service. (Our first time using a computer record from the board) Despite the business/craziness of the morning the actual time of worship was good. Refreshing.

Here’s our set:

1. Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
2. Cannons (Wickham)
3. All We Need (Hall)
4. Rescue (Anderson)
5. Psalm 46 (Mine)

So tell me, how did your Sunday go?

As always, a part of this.

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